Arrival sensor pairing

Hi, someone can help me? I have two hub v2, the first one can make pairing with the arrival sensor, with the second one is not possible, hub is not able to see that sensor.
Thanks for your answer

Are you are talking about a single device (presence sensor)? If yes, your device can only be connected to 1 hub.

Thank you for your answer, i connected to the first one, after that i deleted from the first hub…but it ia not possible to connected to the second one

Are these zigbee or z-wave devices?

It is the original Smartthings SmartSense Presence, i deleted from the Hub, i reset the sensor using his internal button…but i can’t register it in the second one Hub…if i try to register again in the first one…everything work…

So that is a Zigbee device.
Does you 2nd hub have the required Edge Driver?
Are you pairing the device next to the hub?

Do you know which Zigbee channels you are using on each hub? I seem to remember something about the earliest SmartThings sensors only using a subset of the available channels.

I registered that sensor in the first Hub few years ago and i see in his driver list the name of sensor presence driver…in the second hub i don’t see the same driver, how to install it?

I too have an issue pairing these sensors.

I have a v2 hub and one sensor historically paired which is now using the stock ST Zigbee Presence Sensor driver. I have two other sensors, same model same serials that totally refuse to pair despite resetting. The two that fail to pair have ‘possibly’ been paired with another hub at sometime in the past, I have no way of determining this though.

I would be very interested in a pairing solution too as I like these sensors, they suit my uses better than using a phone.

@nayelyz is anything known about this issue? I did contact support regarding this (many) months ago who, after 5 weeks, suggested… a hub reset :roll_eyes:

Hi, @TheHundredthIdiot
I don’t have info about this issue, but I can report it.
For that, we need the following:

  1. As you have one device of the same model already connected, it would be useful to get its fingerprints
  2. Then, for those that aren’t pairing. We need you to try reinstalling them and after they fail, send the Hub logs:
  1. In the Advanced Users app, enter the “Hubs” section
  2. Enter the corresponding Hub and click on “Dump Hub logs”
  1. Also, share the timestamp with us (Eg. 10:45hrs CST) so we can take a look at the discovery process in the logs and see why they were rejected.

Thank you nayelyz, i done, but after i click “Dump Hub logs” nothing happen, only an popup notify me what you can see in this image, how to share the timestamp?

Hi, @Giuseppe72
Did you try to reinstall the device before sending the logs?
If so, you need to share the time when you tried to pair the device, that’s the one we need.

Thanks @nayelyz ok, but i am not able to see where in the webpage i can see and copy the timestamp

Try here

sorry for the confusion, the time we need is the one you can see on your watch when you try to install the device, but add your timezone to know how to convert it to the one in the system.

Hi @nayelyz ,

Apologies for delay, all models are STSS-PRES-001 and logs dumped:

16:38 (UK) pair by scanning - fails
16:40 (UK) pair by device type - fails
16:44 (UK) logs taken

Each pairing attempt preceeded by device reset:

Long hold button until LED extinguishes
When pairing single press button & release

The long term paired & migrated from DTH presence sensor information (using deviceprofiles:device-config) is:


“name”: “SmartSense Presence”,
“deviceManufacturerCode”: “SmartThings”,
“manufacturerName”: “SmartThingsCommunity”,
“deviceModel”: “PGC410”,
“presentationId”: “d6c16da0-8539-37ec-96e4-3189ad4901cf”,

“sharedLocations”: ,
“createTime”: “2015-09-24T16:41:15Z”,

“profile”: {
“id”: “c4124bf9-2bee-3a41-9251-3a018e7c3480”
“zigbee”: {
“eui”: “D052A80090AA0005”,

“driverId”: “651d4209-c60b-4789-89c6-3b4d989dbedc”,
“executingLocally”: true,

“provisioningState”: “PROVISIONED”
“type”: “ZIGBEE”,
“vid”: “d6c16da0-8539-37ec-96e4-3189ad4901cf”,
“mnmn”: “SmartThingsCommunity”,
“ocfDeviceType”: “”,
“restrictionTier”: 0,
“allowed”: null


I hope this is all of some use - you currently have access to my hub (for Sonos issue) and I tried both unpairable sensors, neither would pair.

At the top is the successful, long term paired & migrated from DTH, working sensor, the others fail:

Driver is:

Thank you for the information.
I created the corresponding report about this. Once I get more info from the team, I’ll let you know.
@TheHundredthIdiot, just a quick question, do you know if the battery of this device isn’t low? It has happened to me before that the LED on the Zigbee device still flashes but the device doesn’t send its info to the Hub letting it know it’s there.


Hi @nayelyz , Thank you and batteries this time around and in the past were new and pairing was attempted in the same room as the hub, within 6ft this time. In the past distances from resting on top of the hub to a different floor and all inbetween have been tried…

Hi, @TheHundredthIdiot
The one that is currently connected was migrated automatically or did you re-pair it?

If you re-paired it, did you follow the same steps?
In the logs sent by the Hub, the team sees how you enable the discovery mode on the Hub a few times but it gets no requests to pair with a device, that’s why I also asked if the devices had batteries.
Is it possible for you to use a Zigbee sniffer to detect Zigbee messages nearby to see if the devices are sending something?

@nayelyz the working one was an automatic migration from the original stock DTH.

I don’t have a Zigbee sniffer unfortunately so can’t see the network traffic. I suppose it is possible both sensors are faulty. One was from my ‘spare’ starter set (hub, motion, presence and socket sensors) that was new, the second was supposedly (and seemed to be) new from e-bay.

The batteries this time round were fresh and I have also tried with different fresh batteries in the past - not sure what else I can try?

I will give it another go with another battery and report if anything changes.