Aeon Labs MultiSensor Ge5

Hello Everyone,

I bought 3 of these (ZW074-A) from Amazon and haven’t had any success connecting either of them to the Hub v2. I have tried following these 2 links and have also contacted support.

Support hasn’t gotten back to me even after 1.5 weeks and I need to get these running urgently.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Do you have other devices and are they Z-wave? If so are they paired to the Hub? What have you tried to do so far to pair them to the hub?

Yes I have z-wave GE paddle switches installed and they work fine. Plus I also have bunch of STs motion sensors, multisensors installed and they all work fine

Ok and what have you tried to do so far? Have you updated the firmware on the Aeon?

How to update their firmware? Wouldn’t I have to connect them first?

Did you try to do a z-wave general exclusion? Also, when pairing, get within a few feet from the hub. I have a couple of these and I was able to pair them easily.

Thanks for all the responses everyone, really appreciate the help.

@theedpope, I have GE paddle switches/outlets (3 z-wave & 3 zig-bee) which got connected without a problem and are working with on the Smart Home Security app. These along with the bunch of ST’s motion and multi sensors, all working in harmony. Also, I checked Aeon’s website on firmware upgrade and they say “This firmware is not for the Multisensor Gen5.”

@Jimxenus, i have tried to add the sensors sitting right in front of the hub. Tried both the ways as per the 2 links I found. Also, the general exclusion doesn’t seem to work bc it just keeps going looking for something.

I will try connecting with the USB and see if that makes a difference…

Are there any other products out there which offer the same features & functionality?