Aeon MultiSensor 6


I bought 5 Aeon MultiSensor 6,

I finally managed to pair with the hub, but UV is set to 0,
And motion present is incorrect. (even if the motion is only a few seconds, the motion remains on for 5 minutes.)

The vibration (and UV) is not displayed on the app, and the log often goes from “socket unhealthy to healthy” but this is most of my Z-Wave devices though.

The light rules take long before turning on.

Also, can’t managed to add the last 2 sensors, they are detected and when I change the name and save I have “an unexpected error occurred”. Same after remove and pair again a few time

go to the post here.

I got a couple and will be creating a device type… however the motion is normal it defaults to 4 or 5 minutes read the info that came with it… It is override able and I will be providing a setting in the device type to override it.

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