GE Link bulbs - I need a beginner How-To

I need a basic rundown on how to connect GE Link bulbs, how to get them to power on and off, how to use a dimmer, and how to schedule them on and off.

Also, I need to know how to get my girlfriend’s device set up with all of the same bulbs I’m linking. Is there a simple way to share all of the paired devices? It seems like this should be intuitive, as more than one person needs to be able to turn the lights on and off!

Reviewing past threads, it looks like people are having no trouble at all getting them to work, so I don’t know why this is such a struggle. I can get my mobile to find the bulbs, and to pair with them, but that’s where it stops. The on/off command doesn’t work, dimmers don’t work, scheduling actions doesn’t work.

What am I doing wrong?

You need to contact ST Support and request they upgrade the Zigbee firmware on your hub to support the GE Link Lightbulbs. Afterwards, everything will work much better.

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What ^^ said. Besides that, take a look here for account sharing options:

Do I need the update on my hub to get the GE Link bulbs working?

Do you still need to contact support - or - is this update already sent to the Smarthings Hubs ?

Check your Zigbee firmware version (not the hub) at If it’s >= 1.5.4, you should have what’s necessary.

To get mine working, I had to relocate my hub to another room (my router in the same room was causong too much interference) and place the bulb within 2 ft of the hub.

My hub was updated for the latest Zigbee firmware version 1.5.4 over the weekend, and I just added my first bulb without any problems.

If these little guys really work out, then I can’t find any good reason why I should continue to buy outlets to control my lamps, especially at half the cost - and they can still be operated manually - even if shut off by the app.

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I don’t see where on I can see the Zigbee firmware version, only the hub’s firmware version.

Is it under a tab or behind a button?

Look at the data section or search the page for zigbeeFirmware

Thanks for the reply.

I wonder why, but my data section doesn’t list Zigbee at all. I have zwaveHomeID and
zwaveNodeID only.

Hi Calvin, try cycling power again. If nothing “Zigbee” shows up then you’d better contact support. You should have these Zigbee elements:


Upgrading zigbee firmware is as simple as sending your request with your st id to Turnaround time was 5 minutes! These guys are great!!!

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Primary issue I have found with the bulbs is they don’t dim down that much. At 10% power, they are still around 1/2 brightness. As such, I still am finding I prefer my dimmer switches.

Seriously, at $15 a pop, there should be no complaints with this bulb. Best deal in town.

I agree. The only improvement I’d ask for would be for status updates when the bulb turns on, or when you tap refresh and the bulb is on.

I tried the custom device type mentionmentioned in the thread below, and refresh did actually work, but it wasn’t quite right in how on/off worked:

I have the latest Zigbee firmware version 1.5.4 on my ST hub. But I still can’t connect my GE link bulb…any ideas?

Have you excluded and re-included the bulb? I think you reset the bulb by turning it on and off three times pretty quick, and then you’ll see it blink 3 times to confirm it’s been reset.

How about after rebooting your hub?

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It works! Turning the light switch on and off as suggested allowed me to reset and reconnect my GE link bulb to my ST hub. Thanks!

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Excellent! Glad it works.

I just lost the ability to dim the ge link bulbs. I added 3 new ones yesterday and now I get an error every time I try and dim one… Did something go wrong on Smartthings end??? Anyone else having this issue??