Pair devices to a driver

Interesting, going the scan nearby method did indeed install an Edge driver for my AduroSmart Eria plug. Unfortunately, the device seems to be detected as a regular on/off switch (listed as “Zigbee switch”) and is missing the dimmer functionality of the old DTH driver. The Edge driver also tries to display power consumption values in the ST app, which the device doesn’t support.

How do I get the dimmer functionally to work again? Maybe the fingerprint for the device is missing the proper feature values?

EDIT: There a three different version of the AduroSmart Eria (all of which are ST certified):

  1. regular on/off
  2. on/off + power meter
  3. on/off + dimmer
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Once it’s joined with an Edge driver, you should be able to choose another driver from the menu option on the device page. You may have trouble if the desired driver doesn’t have a matching fingerprint though. If it’s a community-developed driver, you can find the thread for it on here and request to have your device’s fingerprint added.

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The driver menu doesn’t present me with any alternative drivers, unfortunately.

Is there a way to contact the ST-team regarding this issue? My guess is, the three different product versions are all lumped together. Or do I have to go through the manufacture to get this fixed? Seeing, how the have a ST-certified product that doesn’t work properly anymore.

Hi, @TOMillr!
I can help you out. Do you know the fingerprints of your device? I’d like to verify in the driver which profile (capabilities) it has assigned.

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Thanks for getting back to me. Do you have a straight forward way to get to the fingerprint? I can no longer access the information from the IDE interface.

You can get it from the CLI, a programmers tool for the new architecture, but if you don’t already have that setup, it’s probably easier to get it from API Browser plus, which is a browser page that a community member created that gives you a lot of the same information that the IDE did. It has become very popular. The following thread tells you how to get access to it.

SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

My dimmer converted to edge by smart things a while back. It is listed as a zwave device and has the dimmer function as well as a timer. My best guess is that your device needs a more specialized driver not currently available from smart things. You might go to the manufacturer page and see if they offer a specific driver for your device. I have two devices that are still on groovy.

Oh sweet, wasn’t aware of this nifty tool. I can see why it’s popular. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Thanks @nayelyz.

* deviceId: "e5d312a7-ad3a-4c38-91ba-4420b6afedcc",
* name: "switch-power",
* label: "Eria Switch",
* manufacturerName: "SmartThingsCommunity",
* presentationId: "41ebda29-680d-3cda-abb3-5f88171bf74e",
* deviceManufacturerCode: "AduroSmart Eria",
* locationId: "2ef7ca66-2bc4-4210-938b-4fb5e6e97683",
* roomId: "930e07e6-1c57-454b-bbcc-22c153002e93",
* components: [
  * {4 items}],
* createTime: "2023-01-27T14:58:12.022Z",
* parentDeviceId: "8831d353-ee7c-4b16-9156-5c0dd8390b2f",
* profile: {
  * id: "44149785-69e5-30e4-81dc-71bc05dbca3a"},
* zigbee: {
  * eui: "00158D00058D0D44",
  * networkId: "1E9D",
  * driverId: "f2e891c6-00cc-446c-9192-8ebda63d9898",
  * executingLocally: true,
  * hubId: "8831d353-ee7c-4b16-9156-5c0dd8390b2f",
  * provisioningState: "PROVISIONED"},
* type: "ZIGBEE",
* restrictionTier: 0,
* allowed: []

Going by your description, it may be the BDP3001 as that was in the zigbee-dimmer DTH yet has been given the switch-power profile.

Unfortunately, the deviceModel field which is handy for the fingerprint isn’t exposed in the public version of the API, though it can be seen via the CLI or any other app using the Core SDK (or any other one that uses the same internal version number for the devices endpoint).

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@TOMillr, as JD mentioned, you can get them from the CLI but also, a Community developer created a driver to get those values shown in the device’s detail view, you can access it in the link below, its name is Zigbee Thing Mc, it accepts all Zigbee devices:

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With the Zigbee Thing MC-driver nayelyz mentioned I was able to retrieve the following:

ok, thank you for helping us to confirm what Graham mentioned above. (thanks BTW, @orangebucket)

I’ll create a report about this, to see why it has the wrong profile.
In the meantime, you can make it work if you download the driver, modify the profile assigned and upload it, for this you also need the CLI
Or, you can kindly ask someone that shares drivers for Zigbee devices to correct it on their side. I know @Mariano_Colmenarejo based on the functionality of the standard drivers to add more features.

I‘m not in a hurry. I‘ll just wait til the profile is fixed. Can you report back what the report says?

Thanks for the assistance.


Added to this driver version if you need try it

 Name         Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc           
 Version      2023-01-27T22:05:34.042032379        
- id: "AduroSmart/BDP3001"
    deviceLabel: AduroSmart BDP3001
    manufacturer: AduroSmart Eria
    model: BDP3001
    deviceProfileName: switch-level

Did you hear anything yet?

Hi, @TOMillr.
Not yet, but I already pinged the team again, and they only confirmed the profile was incorrect.
Once I get more info, I’ll let you know.

The profile change has gone through at speed today and I believe it is already rolling out on the beta channel.

Hi, @orangebucket
You’re correct. The team mentioned it was released to the Beta Channel yesterday. Can you help us confirm it works correctly, @TOMillr, please?

I’m glad to report that the dimmer sliders is properly displayed with the beta version of the edge driver.