Paid request - intergration with Elk M1 security panel

(cjcharles) #161

Many thanks, just to check you are starting to see messages in ST now?!

(Brent Crotts) #162

I don’t see any status updates in ST. I am able to arm and disarm, you just don’t know the status.

(cjcharles) #163

Is this a recent change? What do you see when you go to the /settings page? Are the IP addresses correct?

(Brent Crotts) #164

This is not recent. I’ve not ever gotten correct status. My settings are correct on the settings page.

(cjcharles) #165

What router and wifi setup have you got? I assume you have ST / Elk / Wemos all on the same subnet and router?

(Brent Crotts) #166

Yes all are on same subnet. I have Google WiFi. The ST hub is connected to a Netgear switch along with Elk.

(cjcharles) #167

And you have your Zone names appearing in ST now right? If so the only thing I can think of is ensuring that Wireless/Device Isolation is turned off in the router since that can often stop Wireless devices (e.g. Wemos) from sending information to LAN devices (such as alarm/zone status)

(cjcharles) #168

Just to confirm, we have got it all sorted. I will update some of the instructions to clarify and update some of the firmware to make it more reliable

(Brent Crotts) #169

I updated to the new device handler and the zone status is not changing on the elk alarm. During testing the status was updating with the old device handler.

(cjcharles) #170

I expect you just need to go to the webpage of the NodeMCU and view the status pages to confirm that the zone names and output names are correctly shown under the /getzonenames page.

(Amphipri0n) #171

Attached is a picture of the M1 panel’s serial port… How should I connect the serial version (Wemos D1R2) ?

(cjcharles) #172

Perfect, thanks for that. I’ll update the instructions on Github today to provide some more information, but in summary you will need one of these devices

There are tons of similar devices with female ports and can almost certainly be picked up locally in the US for only a little bit more, if you get one of these then you will need the shortest/cheapest serial cable you can find with male connectors at both ends.

Then the output of these modules is GND, RX and TX. You just need to connect this to the Wemos pins. RX goes to TX, TX goes to RX, and ground just connects to ground.

(cjcharles) #173

Now added the instructions to github, and will put a bit more info on the release thread.
Also, have now purchased a few of these units so all kits from me will include one of these converters.

Please can we continue discussion here as needed - [RELEASE] Elk M1 Alarm Interface