Elk M1 Gold integration using ELK-M1XEP Also Onkyo TX-NR3010

Has any one made any attempts to integrate the Elk M1 Gold using ELK-M1XEP.
I’m moving to smart things from Vera 3.
I also need to find a way of integrating a Onkyo TX-NR3010.

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Nor sure as I do not have it myself.

How is this used with Vera 3?

I am sure of the device supports some sort of network connectivity that something can be done.

all communication was networked the ELK-M!XEP is just a ethernet module.
I guess i will have to start learning groovy and see if i can some how port the code from the vera Lua code

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So its only been a year and a half since the last post. I just picked up a smartthings and moved over from my Vera2 setup. I would like to figure out a way to integrate the Elk M1 alarm in order to gain access to the relay module that controls my sprinklers and gate as well as the alarm functions.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, let’s chat.

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I haven’t had any luck at all on this.

There must be other users looking to get this integrated, was thinking of going back one of the Vera’s to make things easier if not. There is still a good integration on the Vera devices.

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I just want to bump this thread, because I am looking for the same thing. I am hoping that a good integration with the Elk M1 could allow all the home hard wired door, window, motion, smoke, etc. sensors to extend the power of the automation network, and vice versa. I want the Elk to be able to use Z-Wave sensors to feed alarm function.

Same Here. I would love to see the M1 Gold integrate.


Did you ever get this integration operational?

I’m also looking for a solution, but wondering if going about it a different way might work:

Elk M1 Gold with Vera, then use vera as a secondary to Smartthings Hub? Seems like other things in this setup work…like Z-wave, but not sure if the integration would be able to pickup if vera is a secondary (i suspect it only works as a secondary in Z-Wave network and nothing else).

I’m fairly new to smartthings as well (just ported over from Vera)…isn’t there a section of the community that is willing to code if someone pays them? I’m willing to do it for Elk integration AND my Doorbird integration.

One final alternative i’m playing with…i have SimpleControl Hub for my Home Theater setup. Since it can actually store and execute commands locally (something like IFTTT but localized), i’m thinking that it might work by sensing triggers from vera > Elk and executing actions in Smartthings + notifications. Will let you know if that works. Just annoying that we have to take such a long way around, with so many multiple points of failure to make it work.

There must be someone willing to look at the code and figure out a way. If there was integration with my old Vera, I imagine that there is a way.

Also look at Konnected.io, there is a forum on SmartThings about this as well. I would like to have both worlds with wired keypads and SmartThings access, but maybe it’s time to abandon that and go all in.

@Stephen_Schwarz - Agreed. Been trying to get someone to respond, but so far nothing. There’s got to be a way, as i too had it connected with Vera. Seems like there are a few limitations around ST that don’t make it as easy as the Luup engine? (just guessing here).

I looked at Konnected.io, but i just don’t see that as a solution, that i really want to explore…yet. Really seems like ST community aren’t huge on standard security systems and i don’t really want to go buying zwave or wireless ones, as they are too flaky (compared to my wired solution) at the moment.

I am interested in this as well. If homeseer and Vera can link in with the M1 XEP, surely smartthings can too. If any programmer is interested, I would contribute $$$ to the cause!

Add me to the list of interested parties, Currently I am using RF motion sensors in my alarm Elk M1Gold to turn lights on or off, but I would like to be able to see those on the hub. I would also like to be able to arm/ disarm it.

I would be interested in the elk m1 integration as well!

Bump? Where in the Community can i post a request, to pay someone to do this? If i can’t get a response, i’m willing to pay someone?! Thoughts?

I started a thread in the developer forum requesting developers to build something out: See below.

Paid request - intergration with Elk M1 security panel

@Zonkers @trapster @Stephen_Schwarz @MikefromGA @BradCorm @Riggs

Very late… However…

I just found this thread while searching for an Onkyo integration, only to discover your post with a comment about the Elk Integration which I have now largely developed myself! - [RELEASE] Elk M1 Alarm Interface

Now back to the search for Onkyo!

Thanks @cjcharles! I’ll play around with this. I did try the konnected.io solution and it seems to be working, but is definitely not as mature as the ELk solution. I was actually thinking of going Home Assistant and using the Samsung as a component of the HA ecosystem to accommodate for the ELK solution.

Now if i can figure out something for Doorbird, i’m all set!

Yes, pros and cons with Konnected for sure. Just like for HASS which has some nice features but leaves a lot to be desired in other areas compared to ST. The device Ive built for Elk can also send the data to other Smart Home products in the future as it just uses JSON messages which every platform out there supports already.