Elk Gold, HAI Omnipro, etc

I was wondering if there are any plans to provide compatibility with an Elk or HAI system? I currently have an elk m-1 gold that all my security system components are hardwired into.

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I to have the HAI Omni Pro 2 with a handful of hardwired devices that I was hoping there would be some way to connect it to my Hub… crossing fingers.

I agree we need to figure this out.

I’d love to know whether anyone has successfully integrated the ST hub and HAI’s OmniPro.

I don;t have HW connectivity, but I am working around by using IFTTT to monitor for emails the HAI system is sending and then kicking off routines (need to use virtual switches and the SmartApp of Big Switch for Hello Home Phrases for routines) or can just control single switches. Not great as I can’t key off of the sensors on my alarm, but its a start till there is hardware connectivity.

Has there been any changes? I have HAI Omnipro and was looking to integrating smarthings with it. I looked into UPB support but it looks like it does not.

Any progress on integrating the ELK M1?

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I too would welcome an Elk M1 integration! I use the IP module to connect to my Elk system from my network. I’d be willing to assist with any testing if someone is working on this.

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I installed the Leviton Serial to Z-Wave adapter which seems like the only way to get the Omni to talk to Z-Wave devices. However, now I have to get that adapter into the SmartThings network. Not successful in figuring that out yet. I purchased the Leviton Vizia RF USB stick w/Installed SW since that was supposed to let me discover the SmartThings network and add the Serial adapter into it, but no joy. Can’t get it to see the GE Z-wave light switch I’ve installed as a test or the Samsung Hub. Any thought on how to get the SmartThings network recognized by the Serial Z-wave Adapter would be great. If I can bridge that, I think the Omni can command and read from the Z-wave devices, yet the SmartThings hub can also do that. That way the things I want to do with Z-wave can be supported at the same time as the existing things I’m doing with UPB devices which already interface well with the Omni. All of this is to also allow Alexa to control everything via Voice which seems to work well.