Outdoor Z-Wave Dimmer (UL rated)?

Are there any outdoor rated z-wave wall dimmer switches on the market? I have a light switch for my patio behind a weatherproof housing. Looking to add z-wave dimmer funionality but not finding any solution that’s UL rated and safe for outdoor use.

Unfortunately, no. But there are in wall dimmer micros that you can place behind a Switch and get dimmer functionality. (You don’t use a dimmer switch with it, you use a momentary switch and a long hold will activate the dimmer function.) because the micro is inside the wall, it’s protected from the elements as long as it doesn’t get too cold. Just check the specs on it.

There are a number of good brands, including Aeotec, Fibaro, and Qubino. You can find them at a number of retailers. @thesmartesthouse carries all three brands, and they have a rep who is active in these forums if you have any questions. :sunglasses:



Thanks. I looked into this before. Most, if not all, of these devices have specs that state they support 32°F. The danger with not being UL rated is that moisture in the air and humidity may cause the contacts to rust over time.

Currently Fibaro is the only brand with active UL listing (Qubino is in process of getting all of their devices certified since they just introduced their products to the US market). Aeotec has ETL certification which is similar to UL, just a different company doing the tests but standards are the same.

We’ve had a Fibaro RGBW Controller installed with a LED strip in an outdoor box (porch) for close to a year now without any issues.

Feel free to contact our support for more detailed questions about any of the products:

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I understand and share your concerns. Outdoor conditions are different, no question.

It’s going to depend on your exact set up, but what many people do is get an outdoor-rated manual switch for the wall switch and put the micro further up on the circuit so that it is in a location covered by the home’s regular HVAC. The micro can go anywhere on the circuit as long as it’s on that same branch. For example, it’s quite common indoors for people to put a micro at the light fixture in the ceiling which is still controllable from the regular wall switch. Or even set up a three-way with the micro behind a switch on the interior wall and an auxiliary switch on the exterior wall.

Of course if you run an outdoor wire to the outdoor switch that isn’t going to help you, so it depends on your exact wiring layout.

@Navat604 or one of the other electrical experts in the community might be able to say more. :sunglasses: