Outdoor Decora switch?

I have a Decora (paddle) switch outside that controls three LED can lights over my grill. There is a flip-up weatherproof cover over it and it’s in a mostly protected spot. I think it’s a standard, indoor switch. I’m in Central Texas so no real severe weather.

I’ve looked for an outdoor smart dimmer but haven’t had any luck.

Interested in opinions regarding installing a standard smart dimmer such as Zooz Zen27.

Check your local safety codes, but if you put a switch rated for indoors inside a protective box rated for outdoors, that will work in most jurisdictions, particularly if you’re not in an area that gets prolonged hard freezes.

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The following thread has discussion of some other options as well:

Thanks, @JDRoberts! I searched the community for “outdoor Decora switch” and “outdoor switch”. Got zip for the first and too many for the second.

Samsung ought to reward you for all the work you do for this community!

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Thanks, but there are lots of people who contribute, we all help each other. And since I can no longer use the app at all independently, I haven’t been able to keep up with any of those details. But device specifications is sort of a hobby, and I mostly remember what I read, so that part is easy for me. :sunglasses: