Replacement for ACT Advanced Control Technologies RF100 Single Pole Fixture Dimmer


I have the last bastion of X10 equipment that I’m retiring in favor of new technology. One device that I seem to not be able to find a like match for is this X10 Inline Dimmable Module. The one I’m looking at is similar in size and wiring but lacks a dimmable feature. That module is the Linear Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module (FS20Z-1). I have looked at a few others, but they don’t have the dimmable feature either: Aeon Labs DSC26103-ZWUS - Z-Wave In-Wall Micro Controller and Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Dimmer, 2nd edition.

Does Anyone know of a device (zigbee or zwave) that has these features of my original x10 module?



Sorry, I’m confused. I wasn’t able to find specs for that specific module but what feature do you think is missing from the Aeotec dimmer? Because it’s definitely a dimmer. Fibaro also has an in wall micro dimmer. (I’m linking to the smartest house because their product descriptions are generally accurate, but the devices are widely available.)


yeah I may have misread the Aeotec comments on Amazon that said it would not dim, but I think that was only if the switch was a dimmer. Have you had experience with either of these?



You can’t use an analog dimmer switch with any of the in wall micros. But you can use a retractive switch and use press and hold to control the dim.

I don’t personally have experience with either of them although I’ve looked at them both (I like gadgets) but both are very popular in the community.

The Aeotec dimmer is on the official “works with smartthings” compatibility list.

I believe @greg and @Navat604 have both used the Aeotec micros.

@RobinWinbourne has done his entire house with the Fibaro units and can answer questions on those.

(Ray) #5

The Aeon micro dimmer is dimmable but only with the ST Apps if a dumb external on/off switch is installed. If you installed the Aeon touch panel micro then you could Dim with both the touch panel or the ST app.
You won’t be able to use a dumb external dimmer switch to Dim the module. The new nano version is much smaller and more advance also z-wave plus. so I would definitely get the nano.

(Robin) #6

The Fibaro Dimmer 2, when combined to a regular retractive (push to make) switch can dim at the wall as well as the app.

One press - toggle on/off
Two press - set level to 100%
Press and hold from off - on at 1% and phase level up
Press and hold from on - phase brightness up and down in sequence


The Aeotec G2 micro can dim at the master if it’s a momentary Switch. There’s a parameter setting that you have to change. But I’m not sure it works if the switch is set up as a three-way.

(Robin) #8

When using a micro with a momentary / retractive / push to make (whatever you want to call it) switch, be it aeotec / Fibaro or other variant that supports retractive, being a 1-way, 2-way or many-way setup really makes no difference. Each switch is wired in parallel and does exactly the same thing, wired to the same points of the micro.

Micro only has to go in the master switch where the most wires are, rather than needing a micro for every switch position.

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yeah I’m not sure why but I got spammed with 8 emails from aeotec this morning about their new nano dimmer shipping. Looks like a good option.


Thanks to everyone that replied. This is great information. I will have a look at the both nano and Fibaro as potential replacements.

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I got 8 of the same emails just now.

(Greg) #12

Always nice to know you aren’t alone.