Outdoor Sylvania Lightstrip $27 amazon

Amazon has these for $27 (I have been watching these used to be $44). Love some feedback if anyone uses these. …

I have a couple sets of them. They have survived a couple Colorado winters so far.

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From a 3rd party supplier, if that makes a difference for folks…

I didnt see that, clicked on the name, and it looks like direct vendor?

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Not Amazon or Sylvania. They may be fine, it just caught my eye when I went to check CamelCamelCamel and realized it wasn’t the direct Amazon price.

Mine has this maybe we have a differnt seller? image

Look under the price.


AHHHHH …slick!!! Good eye!

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Does anyone know if you can cut this 16’ and make it 2 8’ led strips? and still use the same power supply?

It says they cannot be cut or expanded.

I don’t have direct experience with the outdoor version, but I have a few of the indoor version. They work with ST without issue, but the colors are very weak. Straight red and green are bright enough, but the others are washed out. You get what you pay for, so these are nowhere nearly as nice as the LifX strips/bulbs, which are awesome but expensive.

Two notes:

  1. I have two of them that I use indoors. Very reliable
  2. 58% of the stuff sold on Amazon is from 3rd party sellers. (I should know, that’s how I make my living.)
    ----2a) Amazon backs all third party sales with a guarantee
    ----2b) Third party sellers are OFTEN cheaper than Amazon (especially if you are not prime

Here is an example…

Amazon sells this for $69.33.

There is a third-party seller that has it for $67.20.

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No, these can not be cut. Well anything can be, but you’d be far better off getting something else if you don’t have space for the full 5 meters. I’ve got them running up the length of the stairs inside and down each side of the eves outside. No more ladders for Christmas lights.
Got them on clearance at Lowe’s and no regrets.

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i have a couple of outdoor ones, work well… just a pain to install as they dont have any adhesive backing or will take one

The little rubber saddles work great IF you can nail/screw them in.
1 inch 3M automotive trim mount tape works well too.

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