Sylvania SMART+ light strip. $35


That’s a good price. I picked up one of these not too long ago - works fine but expensive for what you get.

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I grabbed a couple. Light strips are about the only thing I’ve been holding out on because of the prices. This is a really good price to play with.

These and other osam do disconnect from ST often. Just an FYI.

My outdoor Osram stuff can be flaky. My indoor bulbs and strips have been pretty reliable.

My recessed cans are fine. Never had good luck with the A19 bulbs. Agree that the outdoor flex and GardenSpots can be flaky. At $20-$30 for 16 feet vs $90 for 6 feet of Hue. I’ll put up with a little flakiness.

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These work really great as an under cabinet lighting. Ordered some more today to do under bed lighting. Every now then you will need to disconnect the power supply so that it will keep on changing colors, but its a minor inconvenience which I am ready to live with.

Can I used the strips from two starter kits to make longer length runs or must I buy the extension kit (which is more than the starter!)

You can just buy the starter kits. That’s what I did. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this deal!! I just ordered it for $33.62 from Amazon.

If you have some osram flex strips already, can you tack generic rgbw strips onto them? If so, which ones and how?

kinda. the 5 pins are a different order than generic strips. But you can just swap those around on your connector.

Any diagrams/instructions? any proven good strips?

its very straight forward. just match the channels. I used a Lightify power supply with these strips. No idea how closely the colors match regular Sylvania strips, though.