Outage? 8-26-2020

I woke up to nothing working this morning and a solid blue light on my V3 hub. I don’t read of any outages here or on the status page.
Anybody else having an outage? I’m in the U.S.

Mine is fine so far.

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IDE is down for me

OK here. In the UK but on NA01 (graph).

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Something weird is going on. A reboot got it going again (pulling power not IDE reboot). Tons of devices in the new app are showing an incorrect status, but are working.

I’ve been having minor but similar issues daily with both Zigbee and cloud connected devices (Kasa). Today was the first time nothing at all would work.

I’m going to try switching my hub’s WiFi network to my stronger 2.4GHz band later today to see if it’s just losing sight of my router at times. I’m not real confident in that theory…

Same here - was working fine at 7am, stopped working sometime by 8am with no notification in the app (I didn’t open the app to check though, just saw the blue light). Pulling power got it back online immediately.

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Had the same yesterday. Before hand though it have several rounds of flapping between being offline and then online again with a 10-15 minute break in-between, and then eventually offline for a good hour or so. Solid blue light. Eventually I pulled the power and it came back ok.
As of this morning though, it’s slow as hell and as noted by other threads IFTTT and WebCore is completely borked.

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Same here…

I’m in the middle of moving to hubitat after A single mistake broke all my smartthings automations and smartthings can’t backup itself, so no difference to me.

There is a solution for webCoRE in this thread.

Just got notified that hub is offline. Opened new app and all devices are shown as offline.
I am out of town, my hub is in eastern US.

Just got notified that hub is back online and all devices are reported to be o lime

Decided I’m not doing this after confirming in my router interface that the signal is good to the hub. That and going through the WiFi change seems questionable in the app, asking to scan the QR code like I’m setting it up for the first time. Not liking that idea.