Outage 2/27/21 ~11:00pm PST

Looks like the weekly outage is here. Most of my automations aren’t working at all or are severely delayed. Can’t control devices either/most aren’t updating status. Dumbthings strikes again.

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Hub offline. Status page says problems in Americas region, but I am Asia Pacific (New Zealand).

Fairly convinced Smartthings is being managed by a group of chimpanzees.

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If only that were true. I think chimpanzees would do a better job keeping this service up. Certainly couldn’t do any worse.

Clearly Samsung has no ability to maintain any kind of online presence aside from a web site (and why would they, they are just an appliance company that thinks it is a tech company).

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It bothers me that in 2021 ST doesn’t do local processing for buttons → lights. A server outage still breaks everything.

What have Samsung been working on? Not the right things, that’s for sure.

Status is resolved but ide still shows all hub connected devices offline. Rebooting the hub from ide doesn’t solve. Automations and the app seem to be working.

They’ve been working on “new features” that less than 20% of the user base can or will ever use