Other ( non Arlo ) security camera integrations with ST

With this new EOL thing coming to Arlo cameras, there’s not a chance I’m purchasing another Arlo product. Is there any other similar cameras that integrate nicely with ST?
Currently have 3 Arlo Pro2 cameras and use them in routines to trigger lights etc.

I use all Ring cameras, I have 16 of them and they all work very well. I use them for pretty much all of my motion activated smart lighting and routines in Smartthings.


16? Damn. Must have some size of house. :slight_smile:
Good shout though. I actually have the ring doorbell and pay a sub for that so that may be the best option for me. How many devices can you run on a subscription?

Question about the Ring cameras, do you Arm/Disarmed or Enable/Disable them using SmartThings? Is it geolocation in the Ring app or what? I just what to understand the security process (logic) used to have the cameras active (in both Armed Away and Armed Stay modes) and not active (Disarmed).

With Arlo, I can Enable/Disable the cameras individually via SmartThings since SmartThings cannot Arm/Disarm Arlo anymore like they used to do years ago. By disabling them, it doesn’t matter which Armed mode Arlo is in since they aren’t active.

Open the SmartThings app, choose Add Device, then search by device type and you’ll see which cameras have official integration.

Although there is an Aeotec camera which you might expect to have the best ST integration, reviews are very mixed on that one.

You will see both Nest and Ring models in most regions, but note that it is only some models of each, so research carefully.

Also historically each has changed integration features from time to time, which can be frustrating. :rage:

Here’s the US region list as of this morning.

You can now use Alexa as a middle man to arm and disarm Ring cameras via SmartThings


One option may be the reason I just stay with Arlo since the annual unlimited cameras price is the same at $100 for either Arlo or Ring. The Arlo cameras have the option for local USB storage (or microSD on the Q+), but Ring cameras are cloud only. So if the internet is down, Arlo cameras still record video to local storage. But with the Arlo models I currently have, I can’t see the locally stored videos using their app. Choices…

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@jjmucker you can have as many as you want on the 100.00 a year plan. Try adding the Ring connection to Smartthings and add the Doorbell you have and you can try out the motion sensor.

@DaWeav you can arm them and disarm them with Alexa as Paul said. I also have a Ring alarm pro system and can record locally if the internet goes out and it also has cellular backup. I really don’t use modes for the cameras so I’m not an expert on that subject. I’m grandfathered in to the 100.00 plan until 2025. I think the plan for the local recording and cell backup is 200.00 a year now.



To arm and disarm your Ring or Blink cameras from ST using Alexa you need to create a virtual switch in ST with an integral contact sensor (called virtual Alexa Switch in the Groovy days) if you have a ST hub or a virtual lock if you don’t have a ST hub.

In Alexa you need to wright 2 alexa routines. One to arm and one to disarm. The disarm routine requires the Ring pin.

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Thanks Paul.