Arlo Pro integration (or other camera recommendations)

I’m looking to add a few cameras and was thinking of going with Arlo.

First off, anyone have anything terrible to say about them? Or can recommend something better? (Wired or wireless). I’ve done some searching and they seem pretty well liked.

My biggest question has to do with using them as a motion sensor. I know you can set motion zones in the Arlo app, but do those motion zones get used for motion activity by SmartThings?

My cameras will partially view the street/sidewalk/neighbor’s driveway. I’d like to setup motion zones so that I can be alerted (via SmartHome Monitor) when there is movement on my property, but not outside of those zones.

Is this possible?

Was looking for a similar solution on cameras, did you land on anything?

Arlo Pro does not actually support Motion Zones.

It has, however, been certified for use with SmartThings!

It’s not a perfect integration by any means, but we’re working closely with Netgear on some backend improvements that should make the experience a lot better in the future. For now, we’ll be launching what’s ready now.

I don’t have a specific date, but it should be really soon. Cheers!

I am looking into and thinking about getting Arlo Pro, but I have a question about the Smartthings integration. I have my doorbell integrated with Smartthings. It is a simple multi-sensor being triggered when the bell rings and turns a virtual Smartthings switch on and off.

When I have Arlo Pro integrated with Smartthings, will I be able to either capture an image or start video recording based on my virtual doorbell switch being turned on? I have read a lot about the Arlo not being very reliable when it comes to starting a recording based on motion detection.

Thanks for your help.

My Arlo Pro cameras have been rock solid (correctly record 100% of motion activities in under a second).

In SmartThings, I also use the motion sensors with CoRE to turn inside and outside lights on during specific overnight hours for specific lengths of time, and that has been 100% reliable as well.

I don’t trigger recordings with SmartThings or use the ST mode in Arlo, however. I leave Arlo in the Armed state and let it handle recording. I’ll let other chime in on using ST to trigger recordings.

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