Suggestions for Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras for ST (Australia)

I’m having some issues with my Arlo cameras, they’re advertised as integrating with Smart Things.
They do link and integrate and I can view the cameras but it’s not very “Smart”. It blanket Triggers routines on ST even when it shouldn’t.
For example I have an Activity Zone and have it set to only monitor for People/Vehicles. Last night it triggered a routine when an Animal ran across the camera field of view, to add insult it wasn’t even inside the Activity Zone.

Are there any cameras that do integrate well with ST and can do Smart alerts to prevent unwanted alerts and unwanted routines being activated? I’ve been thinking about Google Nest, seems to be the closest candidate to Arlo but unsure of how well it integrates. I’m in Australia so responsiveness is also important, I’ve found Arlo’s system to be very laggy even though I’ve got a brand new Orbi Wifi 6 Mesh and 100/40 Fiber. I can only assume the lag is Arlo’s servers and I feel Google might be a bit more responsive having local AU servers.