Osram Lightify tunable recessed lights not turning off completely with Smartthings

Hi, new to Smartthings and these bulbs so I apologize if I have missed this particular problem with my searching.

I have hooked up 4 recessed lights to a Jasco z-wave plus switch and they dimmed/ turned off fine (obviously I couldn’t adjust the temperature but the switch was already installed with dumb LEDS so an easy first step). Then I decided to replace the smart switch with a dumb control to eliminate the automation overlap. My issue is that a very low lighting remains when I turn these lights off through the stock Smartthings app. I have tried a number of switches and they don’t change the issue.

I have read other threads that discuss this issue with LED lights not completely shutting off, but I believe they have to do with dimmer switches letting a small amount of current through. My direction is to have an “always-on” switch. So the lights are always receiving full current. Because of this, I don’t see adding a resister or thing to sop up the current bleeding to be my problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I’m having the same issue. I updated the lights firmware to the latest version and the issue is still there. Anyone has a suggestion?