ETI smart lights won't shut off all the in smartthings app (normal light switch, not a dimmer switch)

I bought a couple zigbee downlights (4") and stuck them in over the weekend. When I tried using them, it got frustrating. If I set them to be a certain percentage (say 74%) they dim or brighten to that amount and it looks like that’s about right for the percentage. When I tap the off button, they flicker ever so slightly. They are on a normal switch which I just leave on. The Brand is ETI and they were originally for the wink hub I believe. I got them on clearance so maybe they are junk. Thought I’d ask here to see if anyone has ideas or experience with this.

How did you get the ETI Downlight to connect to SmartThings?

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Once I powered them up, they were detected the same way other devices are… Add a thing and they showed up

I can’t even get smart things to discover any of the eti lights so congrats on that…