Question about osram Sylvania recessed lights

So I am new to SmartThings and have a question about my Osram lights. For the most part they work like the are supposed to till I try to turn them off using the App. When I shut them off at night I see a glow from them and don’t understand why. I did have dimmer switches connected to the lights and read on some post that dimmers can leak power to the lights and they suggested hooking up a resistor to the switch to prevent any voltage leak affecting the lights. I decided to just swap out the dimmers with basic switches and that did not help. If I use the wall switch they turn completely off and I have no glow. So I can only guess that the lights themselves are not fully shutting off when I use the SmartThings app. Is there a setting that I am missing that would let me fix this? Any help would be appreciated. Thx