Osram Lightify stays dim

So, when I got my hub the first things I bought were 6 osram lightify RGBW bulbs at the local bigbox- they were clearancing them out due to the branding change. They’ve worked flawlessly so far.

Until tonight. While taking the kids trick-or-treating, i turned them spooky blood red in color. I noticed the farthest bulb from the hub (east side of garage) was far dimmer than the rest- like maybe half as bright. Finish up trick-or-treating in this 27F with windchill weather (grrr), and then go to play with the bulb. Take it out of the fixture and bring it inside and put it in an indoor fixture. Still dim. mess around in the smartthings app, changing colors, changing brightness, etc. Nothing seems to matter, it does all the changes, it just seems to stay dim. So i do the reset routine- 5 on/off switchings, it flashes through it’s colors then so i figure it’s reset, and then it stays dim. tap on it, tighten it a bit, and it brightens. Ok, good. must have straightened itself out. Seems to stay bright.

Take it back outside and put it in, turn it back on, dim again. This time the app showed it was at 3% brightness, so i pump it up, doesn’t matter.

Anyone encounter this before? Bad bulb? Doesn’t like the cold? The local store still had one left on clearance – $20, so i picked it up just in case i can’t figure this one out. Anything else i should try? after some stories people seemed to suggest staying away from dropping it from smartthings and re-finding it, but i think i’ll need to try it.

I just had this happen to me this morning. It was a bedroom light. Of course I asked Alexa to turn on the light when my wife was in the room and it wouldn’t work. She gave me that look, you and your toys!
I thought it wasn’t working then noticed it was really dim and red. I opened smartthings on my iPhone and it wouldn’t brighten. I had some things to do, came home a few hours later and it started working fine.
I find the RGB kind of a novelty. I’ll probably change it to a regular white bulb later.

I thought it was fixed and now it’s not working again a few hours later.
I actually put that light back on my old X10 controller.
I’ll probably just replace that light with a cree or hue soft white.
I can’t see spending the money on a RGB hue.

I exchanged mine at Menards. It would go bright if I’d tap on the bulb a bit, but then go back to dim randomly. Seems like there as actually some sort of defect with it.

RGBW is kind of a novelty, but these are outside, and it’s fun changing the colors for the holidays. My Thanksgiving scheme is alternating my 6 bulbs red/orange/red/orange/red/orange. Christmas will be red and green.