My new osram light won't change

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Hello all, new to all this. Anyway, just got the osram light that can change from warm light to the bright white. Recently is has stuck on warm white at a setting of about 2300, it won’t let me go any higher. How can I fix this? Thanks for the help!


You may have communications/range/interference issue going on.

How far away is the bulb from the hub? Also, can you still turn it on and off?

There are a few discussions in the community regarding these bulbs, so I highly recommend doing a search. You’ll get a ton of info from them about these bulbs.


I actually have the same issue in the android app with my Osram RGBW bulbs, only color temperature is not working. The slider used to range from 2700k to ~5000k (soft white to daylight white) but now shows the range as 1800k to 2700k (candlelight to soft white). It seems to either be an issue with the latest update as it was working fine a week ago. I am currently contacting support to get it fixed.


Oh no, same problem on my end. I just submitted a support ticket as well.

Unable to control color temperature of OSRAM Lightify
Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

Same issues since the update last week. Can’t change color temp on my bulbs. They are stuck at there last setting. Now have one daylight and one yellow.


all of us need to submit support tickets for this to shed more light on this

@slagle and @jody.albritton can hopefully escalate this fix for us

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I just did about 20 minutes ago :slight_smile:

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The bulb is right next to the bulb. Ya, I can still turn off and on. I will do that search, thanks for helping!

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Yeah - on iOs now slider only goes from 0…100 - it’s also affecting my RGBW Hue bulbs - for both Osram and Hue I can control color but not white temp in SmartThings - I also entered a support ticket. I think it has to do with the ability of putting custom ranges onto a tile being broken.