OSRAM Lightify LED Strip L adapter?

Hey…does anyone know if you can get an L type adapter to connect the strips in order to do a 90 degree turn?

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Thanks a lot…no idea why i couldn’t find them…haha

The description says NOT compatible with Lightify. Maybe I missed something, but…

Those are not compatible with Lightify Flex. Those are for Mosaic. Here are the Flex ones. This kit actually includes a Mosaic to Flex adapter.

Found it cheaper here but I don’t know anything about this company.


I recently bought this kit to setup undercabinet Lighting in our kitchen. Took over 4 wks to ship from Amazon!

It comes with 2 of the 3 way splitters that can be used for an L connection.

The mosaic connectors are for RGB only. the lightify led strips are RGBW. Difference is 4pin vrs 5pin. In theory any 5 pin led connector will work. I first got some generic ones off amazon and they were fine but seemed were flipped. As in the pin with the triangle didnt seem to line up on each end and I had to flip them to get them to work. Plus it was very picky about in vrs out for some reason.

My second set I got the one @jhamstead linked. They are much better in terms of quality. But the price is higher, and if you only need one piece of that kit it really is pricey.

Again, Lightify RGBW strips require 5 pin connectors verify before you buy anything that you see 5 pins…

These are a total scam.
So they sell you the LED light strips and then the only way you can buy connectors is in a giant kit??? Most people are going to only need the 90 degree connector but even in the above kit they conveniently only include 2 of those so you have to buy a whole another kit to get more. You could use the 1.5" flex connectors but even still that’s only 4. So basically $30 for four connectors. And I just found out Sylvania/Osram used to include two of the 1.5" flex connectors with their starter kit but surprise-surprise they no longer do. I’m emailing Sylvania right now to tell them what a giant scam their business is and whatever sales executive thought up the idea of taking advantage of consumers by making the connectors only available in giant kits can go **** themselves.