SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee Flex Strip Starter Kit with 3rd Party Extension Strips/Power Supply

I picked up this from Amazon on deal:

I picked up a 3rd party 5 wire extension strip to use instead on the advice of some slickdealers but can’t figure out the wattage that the controller from Sylvania is capable of at the 3rdparty strips are 12V 5A which is 60Watts and the Sylvania lists the wattage for 6ft is 36Watts but I am not sure if that is a capability or just what it runs with 3x2ft sections. It shows it is capable of up to 20ft.

I tried looking for the manual on Sylvania’s website, Google and Home Depot who is pretty good about having manuals for things they sell and nadda. I also searched here for what others have done and nothing comes up with a combo of this controller and 3rd party strips.

It’s actually rated up to 36 watts and a max length of 20 feet. So 36 ÷ 20 = 1.8 watts per feet of Sylvnia strip so the 6 feet of light comes with the kit is using 10.8 watts.
The third party strip is using 60 watts ÷ 16 feet = 3.8 watts per foot.
36 feet ÷3.8 watts = 9 feet. Don’t use more than that on the third party light strip.