Where to find Lightify led strip connectors in stock?

Anyone know of an online store that actually has the Lightify LED strip connectors (not the Mosaic version) in stock?

I got mine from WalMart.

Thanks, but the ones on Amazon show as shipping at the end of next month.

Online or in the store? I don’t see the connectors listed on the WalMart site.

Oh, phooey - they’re out of stock. I didn’t look earlier and just assumed they still had them since I just got mine a few days ago. Sorry!

Here’s the link to them if you want to set a notification for when they are in stock again:

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Took almost 6 weeks to arrive from Amazon back in January :frowning:

Thanks for the replies everyone. I might end up just going the part route and making my own “kit”.

They are showing 7-10 days here now, I got mine 2 weeks ago in 2 days. Good prices here too!



I just got a notice from Walmart that they are back in stock.

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