OSRAM Lightify LED Bulb and Strip Firmware Update

I didn’t find a lot of actionable information about firmware updates for OSRAM’s Lightify products, so this post is really just answers to questions I had but never really asked here. I hope somebody out there finds this useful.

Yes, you seem to have to use a LIGHTIFY gateway to do the firmware update, as of April 2016, at least.
Yes, the LIGHTIFY app is horrible and the firmware update process is slow, even with bulbs within 10 feet of the gateway.
The LIGHTIFY app step where it asks you to identify your wifi network did not work until I moved the hub very close to my wifi router.
Yes, both of my RGBW bulbs and strips had firmware updates, and two updates were necessary for the gateway itself.
I did some basic Groovy app development with the bulbs, and my app, to change color of the bulb on a regular schedule, worked better after the update. It seemed to matter.
Firmware numbers before and after the update are in the screenshot I’ll add. I found them nowhere online.

I had two of each of the products listed. I guess both sets must have currently had the same version?

Do either of these add the Color loop function here in the US? Are there release notes?

Do you have to remove the bulbs from ST to connect them to the Lightify hub? I would assume so.

You are correct.

I just went through an issue with one of mine and also it happens to GE links where they lose connection to the hub. Point being. To fix it I go into IDE and copy the zigbee ID and device ID’s down(just incase). Then reset the bulbs and repair with ST. Sometimes they just re pair and work others it comes up as a new thing. If that happens I go in and copy the info from the new thing over to the old and delete the new thing. This allows me to keep all my smart apps setup and has worked great to revive a lost device.

OK I know long post but I would assume you could power do the same thing for firmware. copy the information just incase from IDE then power down ST hub. reset osrams, pair to osram hub, upgrade firmware, reset bulb, powerup ST hub and repair as above. Should keep all your apps in place and be much easier then rebuilding them.

I didn’t see color loop as an option, but I didn’t look hard.

I unplugged my SmartThings hub and reset the bulbs (off/on cycle 5 times). The Lightify gateway was then able to find them. I don’t know if either or both steps were necessary.

This is what I did. It worked.

I’m thinking of getting some Lightify here in UK, but wasn’t gong to get the gateway. Is there any way to tell the firmware version off the bulb in ST?

Is there a list online anyway if what the latest firmware version is, specifically for GU10 bulbs?


Not that I found. I’m happier having gotten a gateway to do the update.

Have you noticed any difference after updating? Is there any info on what it adds/fixes/updates at all?

Yes, I have noticed a difference.

I wrote a very simple app to change colors every few seconds. Before the update, the app would run and “freeze” some short amount of time later. After the update, it ran much more consistently (but not perfectly). Sending commands from the phone app or voice (via Echo) now do work every time. That wasn’t the case before.

No, aside from a change in version numbers, I didn’t see any info about what’s changing.

Can you share the app please

As of July 2017…

SmartThings Hub V2, is able to update Lightify Bulbs firmware, by doing:

  • IDE - My Hubs - Utilities - View Utilities: turning on “Allow OTA for Lights”
  • IDE - My Devices - each Device - Firmware: manually ask to “Check Now” for each Device

Note: no more than 5 at a time. The Bulb will turn on at finish.