Question about osram firware

I am using some lightify bulbs with ST they seems to work great but I haven’t figured out if/how I can change colors. not sure I even want to use that feature.
my multi part question is osram seems to push out firmware pretty regularly where can i find what the release notes are on the firmware or if I even need the updated firmware?
please tell me if i need to update the firmware that i don’t have to go back to the lightify gateway that came with lighify it was no fun resetting all the bulbs to pair with ST. I assume I can not use ST and the lightify gateway at the same time…


Hi @Cino, unfortunately you need to use the lightify gateway to update the firmware, and you can’t use ST’s at the same time. I’m not sure where they publish release notes, but I’d like to know that too.

thank you I actually had just found a post that explained it but I appreciate the fast response.

I still would like to find the release notes

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Me too, but I don’t think such a thing exists. I found the FAQ page on Osram’s site, but it doesn’t make any mention of versions or release notes.