Osram updates

I broke down and bought a lightify hub to update all my bulbs. Wasn’t to bad as you don’t have to remove them from Smartthings. But after the update so far things are working very well. I hope it continues and I hope they find a way to update the firmware through Smartthings while it’s not hard to use the hub it is time consuming.

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Hi Joe,

How you manage to update the Osram bulbs without removing them first from the ST? Osram hub will not discover the bulbs if they are connected to the ST? Right?

You reset them and add to the Osram hub. Then you reset them again and “add” them back to ST. They are recognized as the original devices. Keep in mind it doesn’t say they were added, but the visual cue from the bulbs tell you.

Yes do not remove them. Just do the reset on them then add them to the lightify hub. Update them all then reset them and do a generic add to smartthings. After the bulb flashes I waited about 30 seconds just to make sure. Only one of them said it found something which was already named what it was before. And all smartapps and routines were still present.

Sound simple, I will give it a try tomorrow

Thanks so much for the idea

It is very. Just time consuming. But worth the money so far. I bought the package as you get a light bulb for 10.00. The update itself is very slow though. Also if you have some on the fringe of your wifi you will need to remove it and bring it closer. I used a lamp for all of mine. the ones I have outside will not pick up on wifi.

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Great to know this, I too broke down and bought the gateway, should be here tomorrow. I thought I would have to delete them all from ST, good to know that does not have to happen.
So to be clear,

  1. Set up gateway on wifi (I have heard the gateway may need firmware upgrade first ? )
  2. Pair Osram bulb on the gateway…
  3. Do firmware update
  4. Add back to ST (will find as previous device) Retaining Smart App’s I assume then too.

Yes my hub needed two updates. Wifi and ZigBee. One step to connect to the hub you have to reset the bulb first then the app will see it. Once updated reset bulb do generic add to Smartthings and once it flashes it should be back on with same name and all apps associated.

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thanks again. Tomorrow’s work is cut out for me it looks like. Really appreciate your post, where would we all be without this community? !