Osram Lightify Gardenspot Suddenly stopped working (EU version)

It’s stopped switching off, and it’s stopped going below 5% brightness.
I remember when I originally had the device hooked up to Hue, it would do exactly the same thing, but there was a messy workaround using Scenes and ensuring the transition time was set to 0ms.
This was fixed via a firmware upgrade, completed by “borrowing” an Osram gateway.
Yesterday the same thing started happening, I can probably fix it with a custom device handler (not sure how to change transition time of on/off yet though) but I don’t understand why it’s reverted.
I have rebooted the device, to no effect.
The only thing is, I did have ZigBee OTA enabled on the Hub, it says last update N/A but is there anywhere in the logs to confirm this, as it must have happened in the last 36 hours.