OSRAM Lightify Flex strip issues

Hi, I know that there are a couple of threads here about the flex strips that are from last year. I had it connected but recently moved the LED for another room and now I cannot get the strip to even show up when I look to connect. I removed the device and have been trying to get it back in but it’s not showing up at all even with a manual connect. Any suggestions?

I was able to figure out the issue. Thank you!!

Hi I am having this problem, how did you fix?

Hi, i actually have learned that you cannot have a smart thing plugged into a smart switch or outlet, they counteract each other. So i tried a non-smart plug and it worked. There is a way to reset the item if you go into the instructions of the strip you pug and unplug the strip 3X and it resets. I hope you figure it out.