Lightify/Smart+ RGBW Flex Flashing Blue

Just installed Osram Lightify/Sylvania Smart+ RGBW. Upon plugging in they just began flashing blue on and off continuously over and over. I attempted pairing but the SmartThings app never finds the lights. I attempted looking online to see how the lights should flash in pairing mode with no success, it doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere, though I did see mention of them flashing in multiple colors when ready to pair. So I am not sure if there is an issue with my lights or not.

I attempted the reset as described in another post here, but that did not work. I used a timer to ensure exact 5 second intervals. Each time they were plugged in, they immediately began flashing blue, even after the fifth time. So far they’ve been on about 15 minutes now and are still flashing blue.

Any advice? I sent an e-mail to their customer support but the soonest I’ll hear back is Monday, was hoping to get this project done this weekend.


According to the timestamp of my original post, my lights have been flashing for 8 hours. They just now flashed through a bunch of colors and are now solid white. What the hell happened? I was lucky to have witnessed it happening.

So now whenever I plug the lights in, they cycle through some colors and settle on white. I attempted the reset again and I think it worked as they cycled through the colors twice after plugging them in again at the end of the 5 5 second cycles.

But still no luck, the lights never show up in the “Add a Thing” screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edited to add: The lights are very close to my hub, just in case anyone suggested that could be the issue, I don’t believe it is.

And now they just mysteriously worked after my fifth attempt to pair them. I plugged them back in and the lights flashed about 10 seconds (no color changing), so I hurried up and got into the “Add a Thing” screen and they popped up there right away.

Just wanted to close out this issue for anyone else who may come across it. If your Lightify/Smart+ light strip is flashing blue, just let it flash for 8 hours I guess.