Osram Lightify deal of the day on Amazon.co.uk

Just spotted the Osram Lightify range are an Amazon.co.uk deal of the day. Hopefully this link will work:


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Nice find - thank you.

I think I might order a couple even though I’m not sure where I will put them !


Do these require the Lightify hub? I do have the Phillips hue hub . I assume these work okay with Smartthings? is anyone using them? I have heard they do omit a buzzing sound.


I have a couple that are directly connected to SmartThings.

You do not need the Lightify hub or the Hue hub, although I think they will work with the Hue hub.
I think you will need the Lightify hub if you ever wanted to upgrade the firmware, but they have always worked perfectly for me so I don’t see this as an issue.

I have never had any problems with buzzing.

I have just orderd four more bulbs using the deal of the day on Amazon.

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I have to admit when I have the bulb set to a “Daylight” white and set to 100% I do get a buzzing coming from mine.

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Half the time they become unreachable on hue. This is fine from hue app as you can still control it. However recent smartthings updates have rendered unreachable bulbs uncontrollable from smartthings.
If you connect these directly to smartthings it could introduce some instability into your mesh as they are unreliable repeaters.

I posted about it here

Take your choice!

hmm I may only order one or two of these then to give them a test out. @a4refillpad whats the stability etc like with the lightify gateway in the mix?

There is no lightify gateway to smartthings interface or smartapp yet. If there was that would solve everything. Unfortunately the only third party cloud system the gateway seems to be able to talk to is nest.
I have around 80 zigbee motion and contact sensors around the house so any zigbee mesh instability seems to be very noticeable. As they say, YMMV depending on the amount of devices you have.

They seem to be on today’s ‘deal of the day’ too. Link I posted yesterday didn’t seem to work, but going here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/deals/ref=nav_cs_gb then scrolling down a bit should work.

Ordered one. I have the gateway but it’s a bit of a pain in the arse to update the firmware because afterwards you need to pair them with lightify, then repair them with smartthings.

Can be a chew on if you have a number of them. Especially because you have to remove them from any smartapps too.

Direct link for anyone wanting it:

Please do not delete from smartthings. You can reset and upgrade the bulbs on the lightify gateway then rediscover them all back in either smartthings or the hue bridge without deleting anything. You will see the bulbs flash when they are discovered and like magic they will be relinked back to the original objects.
This will save you huge amounts of time and grief.

Thanks, I have a couple of these already and they work well direct, I don’t use a gateway. Also I dont get any ‘buzzing’ that others have mentioned…

I tried. I really did.

The only way I could get them to upgrade was to delete them from SmartThings - add them to Lightify Gateway - upgrade the firmware - then add them back to SmartThings again.

It didn’t help that I had to have the bulbs about a metre from the gateway just for them to upgrade as well. Thankfully - they haven’t released any new firmware for a while.

As above, I do the same with Wemo if they crash and need re-adding or need a firmware update… just re-discover in ST!

Can someone help me to understand why I might want to/need to upgrade the bulb firmware? I am using direct with ST so don’t even own a Gateway…

A few of us have noticed lights coming on and off without any user interaction. Updating the firmware seems to help sort this.

I still get the odd bulb turning on now and again but not to the same extent prior to upgrading the firmware.

hmmm, thanks - I will keep an eye on this…

Just thinking…

Could I potentially set up a CoRE piston that checks to see whether a light is on when a mode is ‘Away’ and if it is - turn it back off again?

Not sure whether it would work though because sometimes when a light is switched on - it’s not classed as being ‘on’ in the app. Might be able to do something regarding wattage though - i.e. if the light goes over a certain wattage and the mode is away - turn it off.

You could, but of course ST would have to know the light state. What do you mean by “it’s not classed as being ‘on’ in the app”? My ST seems to know when my Osrams are on/off.I have my ‘Goodbye’ routine turning everything off when I leave. Under what circumstances would your lights then come back on whilst you’re away?