OSRAM LIghtify A19 Bulbs - Randomly turning on / yellow

Is anyone else having this problem? I have 8 of these bulbs and ever since a couple days ago…one bulb at random will all of a sudden turn to default yellow and 100% brightness.

Random bulb, random time of day and it happens about twice a day.

All of them have the same firmware version…so I’m thinking this is one of a few things:

  1. Issue with the firmware version

  2. Issue with SmartThings hub

  3. Issue with the device handler (using one I wrote), I’ve been using it for nearly a year without issues

  4. Issue with a core piston I set to run every 15 minutes that sets all of the bulbs to my preferred values/settings (fade on / off rate, color temp, etc). We use to run it manually every time a bulb was accidentally turned off and back on…but I decided to switch it to run every 15 minutes to make it more automated.

  5. I thought it had something to do with the OTA feature, but I disabled it and it kept happening, so that’s been eliminated

I’m going to start troubleshooting by disabling the Core Piston that runs every 15 minutes. If that doesn’t work then switching the bulbs to the default device handler.

Swap it with another Osram bulb and see if the issue follows. Might be a power issue on that socket/line.

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I recently tried one of the new OSRAM A19 RGBW bulb and it also turned orange and flickered a great deal after having it installed for about two weeks. I removed from the ST hub and reset it to factory settings and reinstalled, but the bulb went right back to the orange color. I contacted OSRAM and they said it is not normal and likely a H/W failure and that they would replace it under warranty. I have been waiting over a month for a replacement. So far, from this experience, this will be the only OSRAM bulb I will install.

Not sure if this is a CoRE issue or an OSRAM issue.

Power issue?

@JBR I would say it’s one of the issues I listed above. I definitely do not think that it is a H/W failure, at least for me, since I’m experiencing the same issue with all of my OSRAM bulbs, not just one. Though you may be having a different issue than me. I’m not experiencing any flickering. The bulbs could be on and out of nowhere one of them will go from cool white to 100% brightness 2500K yellow. Or they will be off, and they will jump to that.

@bago, it’s possible, but I doubt it. The power seems to be pretty clean at my house. And it’s not like they are losing power and then turning on…they could be already on and they will just switch from cool white to 2500K yellow 100% brightness.

Ever since I disabled the Core piston, we stopped having the issue. Will report back if it happens again.

I have been having this issue for a LONG time too. My 2 bulbs both do this, randomly, each separately, but always sometimes. Usually they don’t need to be reset either, just turned back off again.

Was this a CoRE issue? I havent update to webCoRE yet so I probably need to do that if it is.

You need to check device event history to see if anything fired event at it.

looks like it is going offline, then quickly comes online again and that’s what’s triggering it’s behavior. no excuse for it losing connection either. It’s in a room directly adjacent to the hub.

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