Lightify on command

I’m looking to purchase a smart hub to use with my Osram lightify smart bulbs. Is any one using the smatthings hub with these bulbs, if so do they all switch on/off at the same time with Alexa integration or do they switch off one by by?

It’s not a huge deal breaker but would be interested to know, with the osram hub they do currently switch off one by one.

Yes, lots of people. Do a search for Lightify or Osram.

Thanks for your reply. I know they are compatible with the hub but any idea if they switch off one by one like the current hub I have?


Yes they do.

Thank you and happy new year!!

You can create a group in Alexa to switch them all off at once.

Thanks for the update

You can create a group, but they do not turn off at the same time. There is a small lag.

Thanks all, the SmartThings hub arrived today. There’s slight delay between the bulbs switching on/off but much improved on the lightify hub, in some instances I see no noticeable delay at all.