Osram Lightify bulbs offline

I’m trying to help my brother transition a number of Osram Lightify bulbs to Smartthings. We bought him a SmartThings Hub. The bulbs are found in the SmartThings app with no problem through “Scan Nearby”, but renaming them is as far as we can get. The renaming doesn’t stick, and the bulbs show as offline in his SmartThings app. However, on the IDE dashboard for his house, the devices show as online. How can we get these bulbs to show as online within the app so they can be used?

First, are you in the US, or somewhere else?

It sounds like the cloud and hub are out of sync. Have you tried rebooting the hub in the IDE?

It’s not just you. This has now been posted to the status page as well.

Hi! I’m in the US. I’ll have to learn how to reboot the hub in the IDE. I’m a long time SmarthThings user but have never done that.

check this out: Devices added in April 2021 show online in IDE, offline in automations and app (both physical and virtual devices)


Thanks! It’s good to know it’s not necessarily something we did.

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Thank you. Hopefully everything will just work once this is resolved.

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