Osram Lightify BR30 Help!

I searched for my specific question and can’t seem to find the answer…Also if I’m posting this in the wrong place please let me know, this is my first post.

Anyways, I purchased these flood lights for my basement bar thinking it would he cool to change the colors. When I screw the bulb in nothing happens. I sat here for about 10min and tried to search for the “thing” in the ST app but it doesn’t find it…I have the smaller bulbs from Sylvania and had no issue setting them up.

Hopefully this makes sense…Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try pairing your bulbs closer to your hub and then move them. Are you sure your zigbee signal is reaching the basement? The lights will act as repeaters but if there is a gap between the signal you will need to add something to repeat the signal.

Thanks for the response! I tried moving it closer to the hub and it paired. But when I moved it back to the location I want it, it won’t turn on again!

I suspect its an issue of not getting the zigbee protocal signal down there. So you will most likely have to get a repeater. Some devices act as repeated if the have a consrant power source( ie: bulbs and motion sensors).

So, I tried it on my 3rd level and it worked…This is crazy, the hub is 1 wall and about 15 feet from where I would like to put the lights. Any other suggestions? I really appreciate it.

Stupidly obvious question, but is the light socket in the cellar turned on ?
If you can get them to be included and working somewhere else turn them on with app, then cut the power at switch, lamp. Turn off the power to the light in basement, install the bulbs and then turn the power back on. When you restore power they will instinctively try to connect to the hub. Trigger the light a few times with the app and see if it responds or just hangs on turning on/turning off.
Motion sensors are usually batter powered and DO NOT act as repeaters. A ZigBee plug ( like the Iris Wall wart ) or a ZigBee wall switch or another ZigBee bulb will act as a repeater.

Yes, the lights are turned on. I originally these two specific lights operating on a dimmer. I thought the dimmer may be whats causing the issue so I took the dimmer switch out and put a standard switch in. Still would not connect.

I have 2 wall plugs and a motion sensor in the same room so dont thing thats the issue.

Even stranger is that I originally bought 2 Osram Smart LED Light Bulb, 60W A19, Warm White to Daylight, 1900K - 6500K, RGBW Color Changing bulbs and those worked in the recessed lights. I dont know if its a god idea to not use flood lights in the recessed so I went and got the 2 flood lights those are the 2 that just wont work for me.

Never a good idea to have smart bulbs on a dimmer. I tried that once. I WRONGFULLY assumed that as long as I had dimmer fully on ( replaced 2 dumb Cree LED can lights with Osram RGBW can lights) it would be fine. That thought lasted about 10 seconds. Went out and got a dumb switch.
Motion sensor ( unless old with constant power) don’t repeat. Are the outlets Z-wave or ZigBee ?

Im not sure which ones they’re. Its the ones that came with the SmartThings kit.

OK those are the Centralite ZigBee, so they should repeat for bulbs. Out of curiosity does the outlet work as expected ?

Yup, they work great.

I wonder if the actual recessed fixtures are interfering with signal. I’m out of ideas so just tossing darts in the dark.

hahaha yeah, I dont know what the hell is going on. Thanks for trying though.