Need tips on bulbs

Complete newbee here. Got my self a
ST v3 Hub, my Sonos got connected and a couple of power outlets and all working just fine. Bought a few IKEA wireless bulbs and just can’t get them to work.
Any tips on vendors/types for smart Bulbs working smooth with ST?

Ikea Tradfri is one of the best choices for working directly with smartthings, so I would suggest trying to get those working.

What specific models did you buy and what problems did you run into?

I, too, have some Ikea bulbs, and they seemed to work without issues for me.

To try to answer your other question anyway, I also have in my house (in order by quantity): Wiz, Sengled, Ikea, Wemo, Yeelight. All have been working well, except the Yeelight. The Yeelight works 95% of the time.

The Wiz are my favorite, but only because I’m cheap ($8 for a full RGBW light at Costco’s website). They work, but I’ve had to set the Device ID manually to get them to work. So, it doesn’t meet your criteria for “smooth with ST”, but I’m willing to live with the issues for $8. FYI, Wiz is Wifi.

I then use Sengled or Ikea bulbs where Wifi might not reach. Both work equally well. The Sengled won’t zigbee repeat, but the Ikea ones do. It’s nice having a few repeater devices around the house to relay for distant sensors and bulbs. I had one Sengled bulb that didn’t seem to be working, but then it was fine after some Tradfri devices were connected.

I inherited the Wemo lights from my dad. They work without issues. Like the Ikea, they do function as zigbee repeaters.

Back to the Ikea: Try factory reset (Google search says switch off/on 6 times, it should flash at you). Do you have other zigbee devices in your network? Reboot everything. Power off anything 2.4GHz (Cordless phones, microwave oven, cameras, baby monitors). I’d suspect the reset would do it for you; The bulb may have been paired with another device before you purchased it.

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