Osram Lightify A19 RGBW and dimmable white


I have a couple of these bulbs and I have paired them with smart things, but I feel they are inconsistent. I’m just curious if other people are having issues and which device type they are using the Zigbee Bulb RGBW? There are times I will turn it on and it’s stuck on turning on and won’t turn on. I found a lightify v2 device handler that has the same results.

I have three of these bulbs and use the default ZigBee RGBW Bulb DTH and have not run into that issue. I do have a lot of ZigBee devices so my mesh is strong.

Maybe that could be the issue, I don’t have alot of ZigBee devices more Z-wave. Have you updated the firmware? I have the lightify hub and updated all of the bulbs.

I do not own the Lightify hub but my bulbs are about a month old. All three are on firmware 0x01020325.

You could try moving the bulb closer to the hub to see if the problem persists.