Osram Gateway question

I know Osram bulbs can connect to smartthings without a hub. Also it is reccomended by smartthings to use the hub for the hue bulbs. My question is, is it possible to use the osram bulbs to the osram hub and connect to smartthigns that way. I am intersted in this since the only way to update the bulb firmware is with the hub.

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Unfortunately, the Osram gateway does not allow third party integrations the way the Philips bridge does, so you can’t use it with SmartThings. The bulbs can be connected to ST or the Osram gateway, but not both at the same time. :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you for quick response.

It has been noted that SmartThings will release an update to be able to flash the OSRAM firmware sometime in January.

All software updates do one or more of three things: Bug Fixes/Fix Security Vulnerabilities/Feature Enhancements.

As far as I know, the OSRAM bulbs suffer from several bugs that affect ZigBee repeating. These have caused some community members major headaches with their ZigBee mesh. I also know of some security vulnerabilities with ZLL/replay attacks, but not anything that I’ve heard related to ZHA with SmartThings. I’m sure there are other issues that have been addressed but I am not privy to the firmware release notes.

When it comes to security vulnerabilities, I think it is very important to update. Flashing for bug fixes and feature enhancements are really up to you. Unfortunately, as I’ve stated above, I don’t know what exactly is part of the newer firmware.