Osram Gateway (Hub)

Any chance of connecting the Osram Gateway to the ST hub much the same way that the Hue Bridge connects to ST? Maybe a future integration. @Aaron

It would just make updating firmware so much easier. If ST allowed firmware updates, the need would be non-existent. Without allowing firmware updates, we experience two issues: 1) it’s a pain to connect and re-connect (time-consuming with many bulbs), and 2) some of the firmware fixes cannot be realized when not connected to the gateway (some of the settings within the bulb get reset when re-linked back to ST).

Phillips has an open API and encourages third-party development and integration. That’s why they work with almost everything.

Osram has kept its API closed. So you should write to them and ask them to allow more integrations. They have to do it from their side.

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We are currently working on building Zigbee OTA updates into the SmartThings Hub. Osram was awesome enough to provided us updated firmware for their bulbs so that we can include them when they are ready. The OTA capabilities are going through internal testing right now (I am not going to commit to a public timeline because we want to keep testing until we are super confident that it will be an easy experience for customers).


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