OSRAM Lightly control with ST App and OSRAM App?

(Ross) #1

I purchased the OSRAM LIGHTIFY Starter Kit and successfully installed the bridge and bulb and updated their firmware. I then had to reset the bulb to connect it to the ST Hub, all good there too. So here’s the rub. The OSRAM app can longer connect to the bulb now that it’s connected to the ST Hub. This concerns me because if I need to update the bulb or other OSRAM devices in the future I’ll have to reset the device add it back to OSRAM app, update, reset and add it back ST. Sounds like a pain to me. The Hue and Belkin devices don’t have this “issue” their devices can be controlled and updated with the native app even after they are added to ST.

Am I missing something? If not, I think OSRAM is headed back.


A zigbee device, including the Osram bulbs, can only belong to one Zigbee coordinator, so it’s either the Osram Gateway or the SmartThings Hub, but not both. So you can’t use the Osram app after the bulbs are paired with the SmartThings hub.

The Hue Bridge is designed differently. It includes both a Zigbee coordinator (which controls the bulbs) and a LAN connector for local communication with other devices (like the ST hub). So the ST Hub sends its requests via LAN (not Zigbee) to the Hue bridge, which then sends Zigbee commands to the bulbs.

The Osram Gateway doesn’t have the same LAN function so it doesn’t talk to the smartthings hub at all. Consequently a bulb can be connected either to the zigbee Coordinator in the Osram gateway or to the zigbee Coordinator in the smartthings hub, but not both at once.

At the present time, the smart things hub does not support being able to update the firmware in the bulbs. For that reason, many people do keep an Osram lightfy gateway as well, just to be able to do these updates from time to time. However, as you know, that does require transferring control from SmartThings over to the gateway, doing the firmware update, and then transferring control back, which means resetting each individual bulb twice each time. A lot of work, but some people think it’s worth it.

(Ross) #3

Thank you. I really appreciate the detailed explanation.

(Rolph Muller) #4

I have a number of Lightify bulbs which work fine - and no Osram Gateway. I also took a gamble and bought a power outlet (European) since they are much cheaper than the Aeon ones. ST recognises it as a “Thing” but won’t connect. I presume the generic Zigbee handler needs more information? Smartthings UK do say they are looking at Osram products. So is it wait and see or is there a solution out there that I have missed?

(Ross) #5

I bought the gateway because I read others had more success with OSRAM after they updated the firmware. Maybe that will help with the device that is showing up as a thing.

(Alex King) #6

Will the Osram gateways still act as a Zigbee repeater, or will that not work because it is only a coordinator?


It won’t act as a repeater for the ST network because the Osram gateway never joins the ST network.

(Rolph Muller) #8

Just a quick update re the power outlet - works fine with default handler - I wasn’t close enough to the hub to pair properly - I was trying to do it at about 2 m.