Osram bulbs glow when turned off by ST

I have 6 Osram Lightify bulbs and I have them working great with ST. There is one minor annoyance and that is they glow when I turn them off using the ST as opposed to “flipping the switch”. When I shut off the light switch they shut off all the way, but when I use ST to turn them off, they still glow, very faint, but they still glow.

Any ideas on how to eliminate the “glow”?


1 You should NEVER turn off smart bulbs with the switch unless it is to reset the bulbs because of a problem.
2 Since you have them on a switch, is it a mechanical dimmer or 3-way ? If so there is likely power bleed causing the lights to glow which is below the threshold for the radio to actually work.

Reviving this old conversation since a search did not turn up any others.

I have the same situation. With my Osram Lightify color temp adjustable can lights, and not my RGBW can lights, the lights emit a very dim glow when switched off via the hub, and not a physical switch. I have tried all of the different DHs without any success. I would like to use the color temp adjustable lights in my bedroom, but this causes me to think twice before doing so.

Anyone else have this going on?

Mine does this as well. I think it’s because the LED lights draw so little power that there’s not enough resistance to complete shut them off. But that’s my guess.

I’ve grown use to the glow not too bad now.