OSRAM Lightfy 65W High Hat

I believe I am using the default DTH for the Lightfy 65W retrofit high hat and at night in the dark the high Hat is glowing slightly, but off in the ST app. Is this normal?

BUMP . :smiley:

No, There are known issues with some LEDs glowing when the power switch is off - ie a low amount of current bleeding through. But I assume you have the circuit on and are turning off the bulbs themselves. I wonder if a different handler could resolve that? perhaps even one that you could keep notching down the dimming until a level is reached where no light is being emitted.

I tried the other DTH no benefit. I will change the switch and try that as this is a lighted switch.

Unless someone can find a flaw in my thinking:

If the current is on and the smart bulb is not turning off completely, that has to be a bulb issue (firmware, design, controller).
If there is ghosting on an led bulb after a dimmer switch (smart switch or not) is turned off, that is a switch issue).

The lightify bulbs are intended to be on an active circuit (live line) with the bulb controlling the electricity that would run through it.

It is definitely the switch it has a led in it so a small amount of current is leaking through going through the LED Lamp to the neutral.

Okay, well please do post the results, I hope that fixes it. If the switch is on (which I am assuming), there certainly is current in your wires. For example, I have 4 Osram Br-30s in my living room. I can turn each one on independently with the other bulbs remaining off.

I plan to change the switch in the next two weeks as this week is full of events.