Osram Tunable Lightify defaults to 2700K

Connected Osram Tunable Lightify bulbs to ST but they don’t retain the color temp value when the bulb is manually turned off. It defaults to 2700k when manually turned back on. Anyone know of a solution?
Thanks in advance.

Nope, that’s the way smart bulbs work. They aren’t designed to have the power cut off.

Actually that is not the way smart bulbs work. My LIFX always remember the last color even when turned off. I wish there was a solution for the Lightify bulbs. I hate 2700K.

You’re replying to a post which is two years old. A lot of things have changed in that time, including typical behaviors for smart bulbs. :sunglasses:

In addition to the LIFX you mentioned, hue bulbs connected to a Hue bridge now let you define power outage behaviors. So it just varies from model to model, and if that’s an important feature for you, you need to check the specifications before purchase.

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I actually have multiple devices and have had a SmartThings system for over 3 years. While not a coder, I am very tech savvy. I just wish that Osram would allow SmartThings to change this behavior to mimic what they have done with
their own bridge. It would seem, though I don’t know their business model, that they would want to sell as much product as possible. They would have a better chance at achieving that goal if they cooperated with a vendor that they have supported since the
bulbs came out. I won’t be buying anymore Lightify bulbs, LIFX from here on.



Technology takes a step backwards

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