Osram bulbs and dimmer switch


At the strut to pick up two bulbs and I realize I want sure. Can the osram bulbs be used on a light switch that has a dimmer built in? The dimmer wouldn’t be used of course but I wasn’t sure.

(Joshua Moore) #2

Look on the package. Most OSRAM bulbs (lightify products) say they can not be used with dimmers. If you have a dimmer and don’t use it you might be okay.


It doesn’t say not to. It just says they are operated via wireless control and will not operate with a dimmer switch and to remove dinner switch and replace with a regular one.

(Adamclark Dev) #4

The Osram Lightify bulbs will not work with a dimmer, they flicker annoyingly until they have enough power.

(Bernie H) #5

Problem is with a dimmer you may not get full clean voltage so: either strange things will happen, it won’t work or worse case someone dims it, it doesn’t like it and it kills it. Of course you may get lucky and it will work but then you need to make sure no one ever dims that dimmer.


You are correct sir! Lol ah well I had other places to put them. :smiley:

(Moez Trabelsi) #7

Folks in the UK, the osram lightify RGB are £15 in Tesco and the hub is £20, just in case anyone is interested.
For your question, is yes I have one fitted in a dimmer switch but I have to turn it to full power for it to work.
I hope this is of any help

(Adamclark Dev) #8

@moez - you can connect the bulbs directly to smart things, no need for the hub.

(Moez Trabelsi) #9

Yes you’re @adamclark_dev right, but you will need the hub to update the bulbs firmware