Osram Bulbs coming on in middle of the night (October 2018)

Just recently it seems I have has 2 Osram bulbs that come on in the early morning for no reason. Looking at history it appears to be around 12:45-50 am. I have many other Osram bulbs that are working fine. In the IDE it appears they are the same as all the others as far as firmware. Could the HUB update have anything to do with it? Any help appreciated.

Yes. Usually means the bulb firmware was updated and sometimes the bulbs come on when that is complete. See the announcement thread for the recent hub firmware update.

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But over multiple nights?

I have had similar things happen which was caused by poor quality bulb holders suffering on cold nights on outside lights

Maybe, there seem to be a number of weird problems with the most recent hub update that are affecting some people (although not everyone)

Thanks, much appreciated

One more thing if you don’t mind. All my Osrams are the tunable white. I’m using the DT ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb. Is that the correct one?

Yup, especially if that was automatically selected when you added the bulb.

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Did you recently enable ota updates?