New update coming Monday

Just got the email. Good news for osram and hue users.

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Can you post the email?


On Monday, January 30, between 4:00 pm GMT and 7:00 pm GMT, we will automatically update your SmartThings Hub to the latest firmware (version 0.16.12). The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your SmartThings Hub will temporarily go offline and events scheduled for this time will not be processed.

This update improves Hub connectivity with the SmartThings platform, fixes an issue causing Hub backup batteries to drain faster than expected, addresses a Hub crashing issue when certain SmartApps are used, and adds capability to provide over-the-air firmware updates to Osram and Hue bulbs.

Thank you,
SmartThings Support


More importantly than Osram and Hue updates is a fix for the battery drain issue, maybe this will fix the leaking batteries issue that they have been saying is normal



This email made my day! I’ve just added my first Osram bulbs this week, and I didn’t buy the Osram Hub. Nice to see this level of support!

I like it! :+1:t2:

Would of been nice if they sent out an email saying they had an issue with the batteries. I just spent 200 bucks on Amazon for a UPS.

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If you spent $200 to solve a battery problem then thats on you. But you didn’t. You bought it to include other items making a smart purchase you can plug your router, modem and computer into so let’s not act like you wasted $200.


I already have Several UPS’s in my home for network devices. I bought a UPS to give the HUB at least 8 hours during an outage.

I only read about the battery issue yesterday and I used 4 new Duracell’s, which leaked. The problem I found is there is voltage coming back to the batteries, which should not happen.

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Great news. One of my Osram bulbs plays up every so often so I’m hopeful it’s a firmware issue.

Does this mean official support for connecting Hue bulbs without the Hue bridge is coming?

Highly doubt it unless they can find a way to exclude the bulb without a third party switch. This is mostly for OTA stuffs. I hope I am wrong cause I have many hue bulbs with direct connection.

Everything major in my home is on a APC UPS the smallest I have a 400 everything else are 1080 BackUPS. I have three of those in the office for my computers and home automation. The most important thing I did here was install a whole house surge protector. That is a huge necessity.

Glad to see this both for my Osram Strips and for the dreaded battery issue. Sucks they denied anything was wrong yet issue a fix. I would be screaming for a replacement hub since mine corroded but not work the days switching things over, :frowning:

Hey, SmartThings,

is this update for v1 or v2 Hubs?

If it’s for v2 only, then I have another question…

Why don’t you EVER tell us which version of the Hub these firmware updates are for when you send out an announcement like this?

The only way I can tell this time is that it mentions something about the battery backup (which I know v1 doesn’t have).

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I hope it is for you I have the latest on all mine and out of 10 lights to include flexstrips I have some that still turn on. They just reset as they turn on white even though they were set to a color

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They already said V1 hubs may never get another update. Except security issues. Read that I believe a few months ago. Due to hardware limitation.

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Doh! Thanks.
I guess I missed that.

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Nov '15
so I’d like to see also an official statement saying that V1
There are other threads where this has been raised.

Hub v1 and hub v211
Hub v1 will work indefinitely
In regards to Hub V1 being on the same firmware update schedule as V2, there is very little actual processing done on hub V1. Because of that, the firmware will not need to be updated as often as V2. If you are having issues while on V1 they are probably issues in the cloud backend.

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Tim Slagle
Developer Advocate @ SmartThings
Nov '15

But they are completely different firmwares. We may not update it as often as V1 but we will still be supporting it. Of course that probably won’t be the case 4 years from now.

Firmware updates aside, the V1, for the forceable future, will continue to work with SmartThings