Use IFTTT to connect device to ST

I have made a huge mistake by buying Orro Smart switches to control my house, only to find me stuck with those devices, since there is no support to link with ST.
Someone told me that I can get them work with ST using IFTTT.
I’m no expert, please help

Unfortunately with Smartthings new platform I am pretty sure that all web based smart apps like IFTTT no longer work with SmartThings . Have you tried just letting Smartthings scan for the device to see if it can find it? If not you may have to find an edge driver in the community that will allow these devices to connect. It is frustrating but it’s the new Smartthings world.

  • IFTTT is still supported by ST. IFTTT is not a smartapp, but a cloud to cloud integration. However, they are having issues with newly created integrations at the moment. They’re working on it.
  • Orro devices were never enabled to communicate on the local LAN, so even if you had an Edge LAN driver for them, they’re not going to respond or integrate.
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My apologies, I could not get Smartthings to come up in the list in IFTTT before but now it does. However after I authorize a location, no devices are available. Perhaps this is the problem that you were referring to.

Maybe you did this already but.
I had many ifttt applets and they stopped working.
I had to delete each applet and rebuild it using the New Smarthings not the Smarthings (Legacy)
Then everything works great and fast.

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