Open/closed sensor rated for outdoor use?

Hi all,

I have a yard gate that I put a Sensitive Strips sensor on, but it’s just horribly unreliable. It often reports as Unavailable, then when it is available, it often doesn’t register open and close events. I’ve had it for months, now, and I’m tired of trying to make it work. I would prefer just to move on to another sensor for my yard gate.

We only get a little seasonal rain here, and it’s otherwise temperate or hot (almost never freezing). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure how far away the gate is but could you use a good old fashioned wired door sensor (often used for wired alarms) then run the wires to a water sensor or a door sensor that has a dry contact?
I use water sensors for things like this as they are a lot cheaper in the UK than door sensors like the Fibaro.
This way you can get the sensor closer to the hub for better reliability.
There are lots of ‘outside’ door/gate sensors which you could use.

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Your problem could be because the sensor is too far away from the hub. Before trying to replace the Sensitive strip. I would get a repeater or move the hub closer to the sensor before having the same issue with another sensor.